My take on zombie games.

Well after a long hiatus Im back. Sorry about that wait, lot of personal stuff.

Anywho lets go.

ZOMBIE!! (Video Games)


So over the last couple years there have been many video games centered around the whole Zombie, AKA Living Dead, AKA Walking Dead, AKA Animated Dead, AKA….you get the idea.  So the following is my opinion and view on them, at least SOME of them.

We will start off with the most popular game at the moment, DayZ (Dean Hall-creator, Bohemia Interactive-developer) [PC]. Now this started off as a user mod to Arma II and took off like a jet until the developer themselves went to the user and bought the rights and gave funding (assumed) to make this into a standalone title. Now here is a game that is in VERY early alpha stages, sold over 2 million copies so far and has fluctuated in the top 3 best sellers on Steam Store. My take on this? Waste. Now dont get me wrong the idea is great, the heart is/was there but its not anywhere near playable. There are so many bugs, so many features not implemented.  It has become more of who can find a rifle and ammo the fastest to kill the other players rather than surviving and killing the zombies. Not to meantion that EVERYTHING in the world is in Russian language(not UI).  Add in the huge gameplay bugs like the zombies running super speed, moving while standing still and glitching through walls and floors, I give this a pass at least for a LONG while.

Next up is The Walking Dead (Telltale Games) [Multi-Console, PC, Mobile, iOS, Android]. Here is a game based off the comic book / tv show of the same name. Idea here is you play a different character in the same universe as the comic and show on occasion you see a character cameo.  This is a very basic control game where you have limited interactions and more of a pick your action and see the affect game. This is actually a very solid game full of action, suspense and excitement. Only downside is that it is broken up into episodes not a whole game. You can buy the season pass which the equivalent to buying the whole game. The game just started its sequel (Season 2). Definitely a play.

{no stock boxart or title screen yet}

Lets talk about upcoming MMO called H1Z1 (SOE) [PS4, PC]. The name is a play off the H1N1 virus as they changed it to Z for Zombies. Ha…Ha. Ok so the name is cheezy but from the videos that came come out since its announcement in April it has come along nicely I feel. This is similar to DayZ in regards to you are thrown into the zombie infested world and object is to survive. Big difference is this is WAY farther along in much less time than DayZ is. Also H1Z1 will be free-to-play. Sony has also stated the game will NOT be selling guns, ammo or food. That would spoil the fun wouldnt (THE SHAME those of you who are mad about this must feel).  They just allowed press (reviewers mostly) to play a Pre-Alpha game test before the E3 reveal. I have high hopes on this one.

Alright so those are pretty much the top 3 zombie games right now. Some good some bad. All in all? I STILL dont understand or really like Zombies. Why the fuss? Makes no sense to me but hey its the fad right now. So you asked why do I play them. Well one is a good game anyways, the others I am desperate for a survival living life kind of game, if that means dealing with zombies, so be it.

Honorable game mentions: Zombie Nation, CoD Black Ops Zombies, Dead Island, The Last of Us, Left 4 Dead, Zombie Apocalypses,  and Dead Rising.